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Oula combines the best maternity care practices to give expectant parents a compassionate and safe pregnancy experience that is personalized for you. They have two offices—one in Brooklyn and one in downtown Manhattan - and they deliver all babies at Mount Sinai West Hospital.

  • A Virtual Open House, where you can learn about their maternity care services
  • The Oula Portal, where you can book your appointments and track your progress
  • The Oula App, which connects you with your care team in between appointments so you can make important decisions about your personalized maternity care plan in real time
  • Online classes in your final weeks of pregnancy to help you get ready for your baby’s birth

Visit the Oula website.




The Health Fund created the 32BJ Maternity Program to provide all expectant parents who live in New York and New Jersey with excellent care for themselves and their babies and a $0 copay for the hospital delivery.

You must sign up for the 32BJ Maternity Program before your 32nd week of pregnancy.